What I Think You Think

Imagine what we can accomplish when we no longer care what other people think. And it’s not really what others think. It’s what I think they think. For example, my father frequently told me, “Successful people play golf.” I was so wrapped up in what I thought he thought of me, I spent several years playing golf, believing that if he was happy with me, then I would be happy. I HATE golf. I can’t think of a more pointless activity. (I’m only speaking for myself. If you like golf, that’s okay. Don’t worry yourself with what I think.) If internal peace is the hallmark of sobriety, then a component of that peace is being content with myself. And that demands I stop concerning myself with the thoughts of others. One of the first things I asked myself when I got sober was, “What do I want from my life?” Not what my father, ex-wife, friends or even society want. Today, for the first time, I can honestly say I like the man I am.

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