Two Years Sober

This last weekend I celebrated two years of continuous sobriety. The days leading up to my anniversary I spent reflecting on what my life was like before sobriety and what my life is like now. Before, I spent countless days in trap houses and cheap motel rooms. I was always broke, although I somehow managed to get money for drugs. I never bathed or ate. I robbed people and stole from my family. I attempted suicide five times, and thought about it at least once an hour. That time of my life was the darkest hell I have ever experienced. And I had no one to blame but myself, which was the thorniest pill to swallow. But it was also a blessing, because that meant I could do something about it. Fast-forward two years, my life in sobriety can best be summed up by relating what i did this weekend. My friends in recovery took me to lunch, then dinner, then a movie. I had a great time. I was once such a deplorable person, no one wanted to be around me. Today, I’m surrounded by friends. And the compulsion to use has been lifted, the GREATEST gift I have ever been given.

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  1. I am the mother of a drug addict. My son has been using substances since he was 15 by 26 he was using heroin and crack. He has been sober for 7 months and his struggle is palpable. He remains, unhappily, in a sober house. I want to thank you for sharing your story it has given me both insight and hope.

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