The Year-and-a-half Mark

Today marks one and a half years of continuous sobriety.  No mind or mood altering substances at all.  And not only have I been sober, but also happy about it.  Recovery is truly a miracle.  Eighteen months ago, I was locked up in a mental health ward, facing jail time, having lost every relationship and possession in my life.  Actually I didn’t lose it, I gave it all away to the dope man.  Soon after, people who were living a sober life took their time, with no request for compensation, and taught me how to live a sober and productive life.  Today, I must give to another suffering addict that which was freely given to me.  At the beginning of this journey, eighteen months seemed like an eternity.  But, whether I used those months improving my sobriety or self-destructing, those months passed.  The next eighteen months will also pass.  How I spend those months is up to me.

4 thoughts on “The Year-and-a-half Mark”

  1. Congratulations is conciliatory. Job Well Done. From the dry side of the Red Sea). I am reading this two days later than your anniversary fell. When I started I Just got curious as to what you looked like. Not really the nerdiest I expected. Lol, More middle of the road schoolteacher. Frustrated that you actually have the intelligence to teach,yet you are faced with a generation of younger versions of yourself.

  2. Can’t wait to see how this ends. Two Loves and A Hospital Bed,sounds like soap opera. Enough crap. I admire 1- you never let your mind go weak. Some turn to mush. 2-You always were motivated,yes,not always for good,but…When you applied yourself,your natural talent came thru. 3- Your wrestling with the idea of God-has plagued me since young,but just realizing this a beautiful world to make ours,for only one day at a time,or hour,or min.,make it the best. You better still be sober at the end..

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