The Train

In most situations, the only thing I can control is my reaction. As I rushed to an appointment a few days ago, I was stopped by a train. I ranted and cussed as the train cars went by. I was in a good mood up until that point, now I was upset because I would be late. Then I started reading the names on the cars. The first twenty or so were from Tropicana. They were obviously full of oranges. The next twenty tankers held molten sulfur, which is used in paper production. Everyday I go to the store expecting the things I want to be available, never expending any thought as to how they got there. If I want an orange or some paper, this train is actually making my life easier. It’s all a matter of perspective. Then I started to think about how many things in life I take for granted without thinking of the thousands of people who make my convenience possible. And then the train passed. And I wasn’t late either. The proper perspective can make or break my entire day.

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