The Three Year Mark

Today, April 6, 2019, I have been sober for three years. Ultimately, it's just another day. But anniversaries can be a time to reflect. And for the last few days I've been doing a lot of that. Three years ago, I had lost everything, even my clothes. I was sitting in a Houston jail on suicide watch, coming off yet another multi-day drug binge. It was one of the lowest moments of my life because for the first time, I felt truly alone.  I had burned every bridge and was left in a city where I knew no one. And nothing is more terrifying than being alone. If someone had opened the slat on my cell door and described the life I have today in recovery, I wouldn't have believed them. It didn't seem possible. My problems seemed to immense to surmount. But I love my life today. And I love being sober. If this can happen to a godless heathen like me, it can happen to anyone.

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  1. A close friend of mine came from Texas to Ft Lauderdale on April 10th to start her recovery. I’m the only person in her life that can visit, but I hadn’t seen or spoken to her in years and wasn’t sure what to expect or how to act. We used to party together, so I wasn’t sure if I would be a healthy influence. I googled books about drug addiction hoping to get some insight on rehab and sobriety and found yours. When I read about your relationship with Jeff and how you regret not keeping contact, regardless of your history, I felt that. Your book did not help me in ways I was looking for, but instead helped me with things I didn’t realize I was struggling to face. I just bought her a copy, and I’m taking it to her next week. Thank you for writing your raw, insidious story.

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