The Red Lights

This morning as I drove to an appointment, every traffic light I came to was green.  I didn’t have to stop for any of them.  But I didn’t really notice until I was almost at my destination.  I travel this route frequently, and some mornings I get frustrated when it seems I catch every red light, especially when I’m running late.  I almost completely ignored the fact that my trip was peaceful this morning.  The tendency to only focus on the negative or circumstances that aren’t exactly how I want them permeates every aspect of my life.  While I’m dwelling on what’s wrong, I completely ignore what’s right and the many things in sobriety I have to be grateful for.  And if a few red lights are the worst thing I have to deal with, the quality of my problems has improved dramatically.

1 thought on “The Red Lights”

  1. Every day I get mad in traffic. I literally irrationally hate the guy in front of me even if he is just going the speed limit. I realize I don’t hate him. I hate me. I read your book. It was pretty dark but then again our only difference is my bankroll. I thought you might be dead but I was glad you pulled through. Although physically I think your numbers are inflated. You would have od’d. It’s still a good book.I live in FL too so I can relate. Plus one if my great friends owns a pawn shop so we were laughing our asses off.

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