The Print Job

As I waited in line at the Office Depot print shop, an unhappy customer started berating one of the ladies who worked there. He said, “I’ve been waiting thirty minutes to get my stuff printed. This is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I want your name so I can report you to the corporate office.” I remember saying shit like that to people all the time. I would get upset over the smallest thing and threaten someone’s job over it. You want to know how many times I called the corporate office? ZERO. I used that empty threat to make someone feel stress. I felt sorry for the clerk for having to endure the abuse. But I also felt sorry for the man who verbally attacked her because he pays a price for his behavior, one he’s completely unaware of. I spent most of my life paying that price, existing in a constant state of turmoil and anger. And for an addict, these mental states are lethal.

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