The Observation

I exercise everyday at Veteran’s Park. If you knew me before I got sober, you know what a miracle it is that I’m actually exercising. I’m coming out of a week long depression and saw something at the park yesterday that dramatically opened my eyes. As I jogged by a truck in the parking lot, I saw the woman in the driver’s seat injecting a needle into the back of her hand. When I came around again, she was nodding off. I assume she was doing heroin or something similar. Since I was a teenager, my very first thought when I woke up was the next high. For most of my life, its been that way. I may never have a girlfriend, or any close friends, or tons of money. My life may never move past where I’m at right now. But as I write these words, I’ve been awake for five hours and NOT ONCE have I thought about shooting dope. I don’t know how that happened or where it came from. But I know it’s the GREATEST gift I have ever been given.

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