The Medical Procedure

I have a friend who needs a medical procedure which will require pain medication afterward. I thought about what I’m going to do when I find myself in a similar situation. Most drugs have a medicinal purpose. That includes alcohol; it’s an antiseptic. But I’m an addict, so using pain medicine will put myself in a precarious position. My mind will tell me I’m in more pain than I’m actually experiencing, or that I hurt longer than I really do. But more important, it will disconnect me from others. The predominate behavior I exhibit when I’m high, to any degree, is isolation. And that disconnect from the outside world allows my addiction to fester. I need other people in my life, especially those in recovery, to keep mentally fit. I never grow spiritually alone. Anyway, the emotional anguish caused by using drugs is always exponentially greater than any physical pain I would ever experience.

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