The Honeymoon

The honeymoon is definitely over. I’m approaching my second year of sobriety and I can definitely sense everything is losing its luster. Sobriety has become part of my existence, much like the wallpaper in my living room. It’s there but I don’t notice it. When I first got sober, life was just that: a series of firsts. My first sober holiday, my first sober relationship, my first sober breakup, my first sober job. Everything was new and exciting. People call this the Honeymoon Phase or the Pink Cloud. But when excitement fades, all that’s left is routine. I’m just a tad less enthusiastic about recovery and friends and freedom and life in general. I sometimes ask myself, “Is this all there is?” How quickly I forget where I came from and the misery I was in the midst of less than two years ago.

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