The Delusion

When I was first introduced to the idea of recovery (up until then the idea of NOT doing drugs had never occurred to me) I thought I knew what that meant. I honestly thought I would be taught some mystical way to get the thought of using out of my head. Or be shown how to use drugs successfully. But today I know recovery isn't just about abstinence, but an awareness of self. I'm starting to become more aware of my emotional reactions, good and bad. And I'm expending some effort to deal with them in a less destructive way. It's like I'm finally grasping the reins of my life instead of being a slave to my whims.

2 thoughts on “The Delusion”

  1. I have a few books in me . I just wish I had some help . I’m not a writer . I write because its therapeutic. My life story is one hell of a story . It just needs a happy ending . I love your work . I wish I could get some advice or insight on how to do it . Like I said , it’s a riveting story that needs to be told

  2. Just write. Write even if it isn’t in order or if it isn’t in complete sentences or if it doesn’t make sense to anyone but you. The real work starts once you have the entire first draft done. What I think I’m going to end up with when I start is never what I really end up with.

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