Resisting Change

Imagine writing with your right hand your entire life, then being told you were wrong. You should write with your left hand. At first, I would resist such nonsense. I may try it for a while, but it would be uncomfortable. Not to mention, I couldn’t do it well, being that I had wrote a certain way my entire life. Writing with a different hand would be as foreign to me as speaking a different language. Sobriety is similar. It’s not just about abstinence. It’s about doing things which are uncomfortable at first. It’s about thinking and behaving in a manner completely different from what I’m accustomed to. It’s about discarding strongly held beliefs which were holding me back. It’s about admitting to myself I’ve been wrong about everything my entire life. For an egomaniac like me, that’s a thorny pill. But to resist is death. It’s that simple for an addict.

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