Recovery is like Einstein’s theory of relativity, which states that velocity is imperceptible unless it’s in relation to something else. In other words, I can’t tell I’m moving at a constant speed unless I have something to measure it against. If I close my eyes while in a car (that’s not accelerating), I can’t tell I’m moving. It’s only possible when I see the road rushing past. For me, recovery is similar. When I got sober, everyone I encountered seemed more pleasant, talkative, and approachable. And it wasn’t just the people I’m close to. I noticed clerks in stores and strangers I spoke to seemed more amiable than before. It was as if the entire world changed on my sobriety date. Of course, that’s not what happened. I changed. My words, the tone of my voice and even my body language became more inviting. But I can’t see the change in myself. In my mind, I’m the same douche bag I’ve always been. I can only perceive the change in relation to others.

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