Obsessed with Self

I am obsessed with myself. It’s an inescapable aspect of consciousness. Everything that’s ever happened to me has occurred in front of me, to the left or right of me, and I’m always in the middle. It’s a matter of perspective. It appears that I’m at the center of the universe. And every other person views the world in the exact same way. But this natural tendency to obsess with self has negative consequences. My girlfriend has been distant lately. We haven’t been talking as much as we once had. So naturally I start to worry or get angry or depressed. Why? Because I’m only focusing on what I want. I’m obsessed with self. And when I do this, negative emotions are always the result. But focusing on her needs remedies that. My GF is starting a new job. And school just started, which is hectic. When I consider the perspective of others, the result is always better. Instead of obsessing on what others should do for me, I need to think of what I can do for them. 

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