For months, I’ve read Facebook posts singing the praises of an herbal supplement called Kratom. I’ve never tried it and never gave it much thought. But yesterday I got into a heated discussion with a family member. Afterward, I felt rather angry. As I drove home, I passed the Psychedelic Shack and instantly considered stopping and purchasing some. I’m amazed at how quick that type of thinking occurs. After a year and seven months of sobriety, my mind is still trying to find wiggle-room. I played out all the ridiculous scenarios in my head. It’s legal. It’s only an herb. I’ll only try it once. I know people who claim to be sober who are using it. I won’t tell anyone. No one will know. It’s no big deal. The TRUTH is I’m an addict in recovery. If I take Kratom, then I’m simply an addict. There are no degrees of recovery. I’m either sober or I’m not. Instead of succumbing, I talked to a friend in recovery about exactly what i was thinking. Today, the issue with my family member has been resolved. My propensity to self-destruct over the trivial is astounding.

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  1. Your last sentence is powerful. Thank you for sharing your reality. You put into words what others are feeling.

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