Everything is Okay

I have lived my life with the attitude of “Everything will be okay,” that one day something will happen and only THEN will my life be complete. I never realized how limiting that mentality was. Before sobriety, I spent my time waiting, sometimes dreaming, of a moment in the future when some arbitrary event would occur that would secure my happiness. I would have a lot of money, a certain job, a particular achievement, I would have a relationship, I would lose a relationship. The list was endless. Most of the time, those things never happened, and I felt as if life shorted me. And on the rare occasions when I got exactly what I wanted, I simply shifted my focus to the the next item on the list. Either way, I squandered the moment waiting for an imaginary finish line, as if the future is a certainty for anyone. Today, I realize that “Everything IS okay.” Cherishing the moment creates a level of peace in my life I never knew was possible. Sometimes, this is difficult to do. I have to constantly remind myself everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be at this moment.

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  1. Hi Brett,

    I recently read your book – as a recovering alcoholic myself (9 years sober!) and a mom of a 35 year old son (addict) currently incarcerated in Pinellas County. I sent my son the book – and it has since become the most popular item in the jail, with a long waiting list of readers. Thank you for your honesty. Your words are changing lives by bring better understanding to the disease of addiction and recovery.

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