Addiction is a Disease (part 2)

Addiction is considered a progressive disease. Let’s break that down into it’s corresponding components.
PROGRESSIVE – increasing in extent or severity. My experience with addiction certainly matches that definition. It always got worse, never better. When I first started drinking and drugging, it was fun. All my friends used, so it became an important part of socializing. It was my favorite form of entertainment. But at some point, drugs crossed the line from entertainment to coping, although I wasn’t aware of it at the time. And much like a heart valve, once that line has been crossed there’s no going back. The fun days of drug use ended way before I became willing to stop. And those brief periods in my life where I abstained for some arbitrary period of time, once I picked up again my drug use started where it left off. As much as I desperately wanted to relive the glory of the past, it’s called “the past” for a reason. to be continued…

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