Addiction is a Disease (part 1)

Is addiction a disease? Although this question is debated frequently it seems pointless. How can an academic notion like the Disease Concept of Addiction help a suffering addict? This is the type of flighty discussion normies (non-addicts) engage in. But it is very important. Addiction is a mental disease. I understand the resistance to this idea. On the surface, it seems like an excuse for bad behavior. “Sorry I stole your money to buy dope. I can’t help it. I have a disease.” As an addict, I must acknowledge to myself there is something about me that is different from other people. The moment I ingest a drug (and alcohol is a drug) a compulsion starts, an overwhelming need for more that can never be satisfied. Then my entire personality changes and I engage in abhorrent behavior. I know from painful experience this is true. No one wants to think of themselves as diseased. But by viewing my addiction as a malady that must be treated, I am able to recover.

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