Hear my interview on WUWF with Bob Barrett

This is my interview on WUWF with Bob Barrett. We discuss my book, American Drug Addict, and the prevailing attitude concerning addiction in the country, as well as the tenets of recovery.

Hear my interview on WCOA

This is my interview on WCOA, Pensacola Speaks with Rick Outzen. We discuss my book, American Drug Addict, and the drug culture and recovery community in Pensacola.

American Drug Addict: a memoir

This is my latest book which outlines my struggle with addiction and my journey to recovery.

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Celebrity Autopsy Photos (and other things I find amusing)

This is my first book.   Although there are no actual autopsy photos, the book is rather funny.  I wrote it while I was high.

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Staring at Nothing

This is my upcoming novel, which is also my first work of fiction.   Due June 2018.

A Little About Me

First, the meaningless crap...

I hold a BSBA in Accounting and a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.  I am a computer and network technician who hates all things Apple, although I will work on them if the price is right.

And now, the important stuff...

I'm a recovering addict who tries to carry the message of hope. Recovery is not abstinence.  Rather, it's a process of growing up.  And if I can find happiness without drugs, anybody can.

Oh, and I like to write too.

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